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Archive for December 17, 2013

Rumors of Direct Mail Marketing’s Demise Have Been Exaggerated

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Direct mail printers

With the advent of social media and the rise of the Internet age, many think that marketing strategies like direct mail campaigns have taken a dive in efficacy and popularity. This simply isn’t so. Believe it or not, email and search engine marketing aren’t as effective as customized postcards in some instances. In a recent survey, only 25% of people heard about a new business through email, 10% through search engines, and a whopping 34% heard about a new business through customized postcards.

The fact of the matter is that direct mail marketing is still popular because it’s a great way to reach customers. In fact, marketers spent $47.8 billion on direct mail postcard printing in 2011. Plus, this spending is forecasted to rise by 3.6% going into 2014, proving that direct mailing is still a prominent mar

What Are the Best Benefits of Fish Collagen?

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Natural facial cream

Perhaps you’ve been hearing a lot lately about fish collagen benefits, but before even considering using it, you’ve had to ask, what is collagen?

You see, it’s a protein that’s extracted from fish and used as a cosmetic aid. Collagen in our own bodies is used to support other tissues, like cartilage, muscles, skin, bone, blood vessels, tendons, teeth and even our internal organs. In fact, it makes 30% of the 100,000 different types of proteins that exist in the human body, and 70% of the connective tissues necessary for the creation of bone, muscle, skin and cartilage. Collagen is actually the second-most common substance in our body, just after water.

Knowing that collagen is