Looking to Move Careers? Here Are 10 Professions to Try

Many people come to a point in life when they are no longer happy with their job. Are you ready to move careers this year, or at least start the process? If so, you have several options. From designing spaces to working with cars, to dealing with animals all day, there are loads of opportunities out there. Here are some professions that may be good to try.

1. Interior Designer

Do you enjoy working with colors, fabrics, furniture, and making things look nice? If you enjoy decorating your own space and have helped other family or friends do so, why not move careers and start working with interior design? As an interior designer, you specialize in making spaces look more aesthetically pleasing and more functional. Interior designers often work in residential homes, but they can also work in commercial spaces. Those commercial spaces may include office buildings, retail stores, hotels, and restaurants. In this profession, you can expect to work closely with clients who’ll tell you what their needs are during a consultation. After all, you may have to work within certain budget constraints and overall color, or style preferences of the client. You may have to consider their branding, as well as the type of space you’re dealing with.

Additionally, an interior designer may have to round up other subcontractors for a renovation project. You may have to collaborate with architects and other design professionals to fully bring your vision to light. You may work with specialists like kitchen designers, cabinet makers, and bathroom renovators. To get inspiration regarding this industry, you may want to look on sites like Pinterest that have many beautiful designs people share. You may also start looking at magazines such as Better Home and Gardens. If you’ve already begun doing interior design work as a freelancer, you should start posting samples of your work on your own website. Then, you can start to gain clients quickly. According to Indeed, the average interior design salary in the U.S. is $69,657 as of 2024. You can expect to make the most money in NYC with an average salary of $85,766 annually, followed by $80,248 annually in Seatle.

2. Veterinarian

Just because you love animals doesn’t mean you have to restrict your love to being a pet owner. If you’re passionate about your furry friends, it may be time to move careers and become a veterinarian. As a veterinarian, you can expect to diagnose, treat, and prevent illness in animals. You may also have to treat them for injuries, especially if they were hit by a car or abused. Vets may work with domesticated animals like house pets or specialize in zoo animals, livestock, or even wildlife. Most pets such as dogs and cats require vaccination, so it’s safe to take them around other pets. You can run diagnostic tests to see if an animal has internal injuries after an accident or monitor an expecting female’s babies. Expect to perform surgery on an injured animal. The worst part of the job may involve euthanizing a beloved pet due to illness. When you work in veterinary services, you’ll have a rewarding job in which you’ll have animals as your clients and help them maintain good health.

3. Auto Mechanic

If you have a passion for cars, it may be time to move careers and become an auto mechanic. A mechanic is a vehicle professional who can repair and maintain vehicles. You’ll learn how to diagnose problems a driver may not be aware of. It takes a deep understanding of what makes a vehicle tick. Learn everything from the engine to the transmission to the suspension and hydraulic system to be successful in this field. In addition to being a mechanic, you may want to specialize in auto body work focusing on the exterior of the car. Thanks to auto mechanic services, people have a functioning car that’s safe to drive on a road and won’t break down randomly.

4. Asphalt Paver

When you go outside your home or business, do you notice how smooth and nice the pavement is? Smooth pavement on your sidewalk, walkways, and driveways, is thanks to the expertise of pavers. If you love working with asphalt or cement, it may be time to move careers and become a professional paver. Asphalt paving contractors likely work with many residences for driveways, particularly in areas with harsh winter weather. After all, asphalt is good at absorbing heat from the sun, which can help melt ice and snow quickly. Asphalt is also used on roads to create durable smooth road surfaces that reflect beautifully in the sun. When asphalt is no longer useful, it’s also a recyclable material that can later be used in new asphalt paving. You may even see it used in asphalt shingles that go on roofing.

5. Remodeling Contractor

You should seriously consider move careers if you enjoy making homes look beautiful. Homes and commercial spaces can benefit from the keen eye of someone who knows how to better utilize space. A remodeling contractor can act as a project manager to coordinate other subcontractors. You may handle a large renovation project for a new home or an entire commercial building. When it comes to home residences, the two most popular types of remodeling work are in the kitchen and bathroom. Therefore, if you want to be successful in this field, you should learn the ins and outs of popular trends in American kitchen and bath remodeling. Some remodeling professionals may focus just on the kitchen and/or bathroom due to the popularity and range of functions you can incorporate.

Your work as a remodeling contractor can include opening up more space in a compact area, such as tearing down a non-bearing wall. Work may involve designing patios and decks, as more Americans are focusing on outdoor living. You can coordinate electricians, plumbers, stonecutters, and flooring manufacturers to create the ultimate space that someone envisions for their home or business.

6. Dentist

When you work as a dentist, you treat several oral issues. Local dentists may work with children, adult patients, or all ages if they decide to specialize in family dentistry. You may have other specialties, such as cosmetic dentistry, endodontics, dental implants, or orthodontics. Dentists serve a vital part of society, as they diagnose and treat oral health issues. As a dentist, expect to take X-rays and do oral exams of patient teeth and gums. Some common issues you’ll have to treat include tooth decay or gum disease. Basic procedures include professional teeth cleanings, sealants, fillings, and extractions. If you decide to focus on endodontics, you can expect to perform root canals, which may be necessary once tooth decay has reached down to the root or a tooth has become infected. You can also make referrals to other dental specialists if you work in general dentistry. It’s also your responsibility to try to educate your patients on how they can have better hygiene practices and preventative care.

7. Chiropractor

If you’re concerned about issues of the spine, it’s time to move careers and become a chiropractor. Your local chiropractor is there to help treat issues like bulging discs, back pain, whiplash, and other musculoskeletal conditions. The basic process of chiropractic adjustment involves manual adjustments or a handheld tool to slowly initiate better alignment. A spinal alignment can help patients relieve pain, especially if a herniated disc is compressing upon a nerve. It can help treat the effects of a car accident, especially if someone has experienced whiplash. Help patients experience better sleep, mobility, range of movement, and overall quality of life. Expect most of your patients to see you regarding back pain. According to the CDC, almost 40% of Americans reported back pain in the previous three months in 2019.

8. Lawyer

You’ve always had an affinity for learning about the law. It may be time to move careers and become a lawyer. One of the busiest legal professions involves personal injury. As a personal injury lawyer, you represent clients who have been the victim of negligence or wrongful actions. Examples of personal injury involve a dog bite from a dog unprovoked. Slip and falls on a floor not maintained or had no warning signs. It can also happen due to malpractice, in which medical negligence results in a person having a permanent injury or even a fatality. Such malpractice issues often come from surgical mishaps or the wrong administration of medicine. As you work in this legal field, you would provide legal advice and ensure that your clients receive the right compensation that they deserve for their mental, physical, or financial distress. You would help to negotiate settlements and make sure that they understand their rights and their situation.

9. Screenprinter

If you love working with design but don’t want to work in interior spaces and prefer clothing, it may be time to move careers to become a screen printer. Screen printers focus on custom designs on different surfaces. They may design custom-made t-shirts, hats, and other promotional items for a company or event. You may also print on posters, cups, calendars, and books. There are various screen printing techniques you can learn. Most of them involve transferring ink through a mesh screen onto the material. This process produces vibrant products. Even when used on clothing, the imagery can survive several washers so people can continue to enjoy their custom-made shirts and sweatshirts. If you decide to run a screenprinting business, you can get many clients online. If you have another business, a screen printing business can come in handy as a side hustle or new business segment to help promote your main business. For example, there are YouTubers selling products to their fans by focusing on promotional or inspirational shirts, sweatshirts, and mugs. Something as simple as writing inspirational quotes or funny cartoons can be a breakthrough in running a successful screen printing business.

10. Clothing Stylist

You don’t have to be a fashion designer to work in a field all about clothes. If you have good outfit ideas and want to share them with the public, it may be time to move careers and become a clothing stylist. It may come as no surprise that most celebrities have a stylist to ensure they look impeccable on the red carpet. If you see images from the recent Met Gala, you have seen the final work of celebrities and their stylists. There’s a lot of work that can go into being a clothing stylist when you have the right clientele. You’re responsible for curating and creating fashionable looks for individuals and events such as the Oscars or other award shows. You may also work at a special photoshoot, such as a major magazine like Vogue. As a stylist, you must be able to match your talent to what’s needed for that event, the figure of the person you’re dressing, the overall theme, and of, course budget. After all, some people may have a Bohemian look you can put together from thrift or vintage stores. Other people may have more high-end tastes and prefer clothes from high-end designers, such as Coco Chanel or Valentino. Always consider the fit, fabric, and trends as you assemble outfits, so you create looks that fit your client and won’t be rejected.

Moving careers may not be easy, but it can be fun. Luckily, you have many options to consider as you move careers in 2024. Think long and hard about what career is best for you, your interests, and where you’re at in life. Think about where you want to go in the future and what work you have to do to be successful in your new career. You may or may not want to go to law school or medical school. You may be able to get a faster start on your new career, especially when it comes to screen printing or working as an apprentice under a mechanic. Have fun creating a new life for yourself with your new career choice, and use this article as a guide in 2024.

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