Tips and Tricks for Custom Metal Fabrication

Utilizing metal for home and personal projects can allow you to complete things quickly and efficiently. Those who are familiar with the metal fabrication process may understand the basics, but they can also be unaware of common tips and tricks that help to expedite things. Understanding the tips and tricks for custom metal fabrication can help to simplify projects.

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When trying to add bolts to a piece of metal, it may be necessary to create new holes to ensure the items will be able to be properly held together. To guarantee the holes you need are the appropriate size, take a bolt and remove the head. From here, sharpen the area in which the head was removed and place it in an elective drill. You can now use the fine point from the bolt to create the appropriate-sized holes in the metal.

For more precise measurements, use the one-inch mark of your tape measurer as your starting point. As tape measures age, the metal tip and the top of it can move or warp, leading to inaccurate measurements. Starting from the one-inch mark guarantees all of your measurements will be consistent.

For more custom metal fabrication tips and tricks, please review the attached video.

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