What Does a Carrier GSR Waiver Do?

Let’s say a company sends many packages throughout the month. It would only make sense that they sign a contract with a shipping company like UPS or FedEx. In the shipping contract, the shipper may have a waiver clause. The Youtube video “FedEx Contract Guaranteed Service Refund” highlights what waivers are. There are valid reasons not to sign this clause.

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Why You Shouldn’t Sign the Waiver

A logistics agreement has several terms and conditions that govern the agreement. Clients may have many packages to ship in a month. The reality is that not all packages reach their destination on time. Clients may request a full refund for a parcel that’s only 60 minutes late. Clients need to sit down at the end of the month and do an analysis. This helps to identify which packages were late. The client is then entitled to a refund.

To save money, shipping companies request clients to sign a carrier GSR waiver. In return, the shipping company will offer extra free services. The truth is that these services are available without a waiver. Shipping companies are using these additional services to negotiate better terms for themselves. However, on-time delivery is a standard, not a luxury.


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