Where Can I Buy a Shipping Container for Sale?

Shipping containers are one of the more interesting raw materials to build a new house. Because of this, many people are wondering where to find a shipping container for sale. A used shipping container can be easily found on the internet for between $2000 and $9000 on eBay or Craigslist, and an entire shipping container home can be yours on the same sites for under $100,000 if you’re interested in a pre-fabricated version of what you’re going for.

Many, even most, people buying a container want to build their home themselves. If you do this, you’ll be happy and successful by tracking down a container that is on one of these sites, rather than attempting to purchase it directly from a dealer which could cost thousands of dollars more than you could be spending on building your home instead.

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DIYers have come to love cargo container homes in the last decade. Compared to tiny homes, which certainly have their charm, a cargo container home has space where you can build your home in whatever way you want. You won’t be taking a cargo container home on the road any time soon, but it’ll suit all of your needs.


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