Understanding Concrete Work

When remodeling the exterior of your home, the utilization of concrete work can allow you to utilize space without the fear of anything getting into the work you have completed. It can be a good divider from the soil underneath, especially in areas that are high in rodents and insects that like to burrow underground. Understanding concrete work allows you to make the space your own.

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When beginning the project, it is important to see if you can utilize any existing pieces of concrete or pavement. This can give you an excellent starting point, as well as a level of space to work with the project. The area you work in can be extended further than this preexisting structure, but using it as a beginning point in the planning process can be useful.

After the space is measured out, add two by fours along the edge of where you would like the concrete to set. These will act as a barrier, preventing the concrete from seeping out further. They also give the concrete a flat surface on which to harden.

After this, remove any excess dirt or debris from the area you intend to pour the concrete into.

For additional information on concrete work, please review the attached video.


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