Police Use Quick-Thinking to Apprehend Suspect

Being a police officer is a difficult job. They voluntarily put themselves in difficult situations with difficult people in order to keep others out of harms way. In this video, there was a particularly dangerous situation as police were called in to deal with a woman with a knife in a Florida Walmart. Keep watching to find out what happens next.

Police officers always hope to diffuse a situation before it blows up into a potentially violent situation. However, the woman in this video seemed to be having none of it.

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She simply stared back at the officer when asked to drop the knife. This choice created a very dangerous situation for the officers and all the bystanders. At any moment, the woman could do the unpredictable and decide to stab someone or even herself. The officer had to think fast. As soon as his backup arrived, the woman was distracted for a brief second. The officer then quickly pulled out his taser gun and fired. The woman quickly slumped to the ground from the taser. Officers were then able to safely handcuff the woman so that she would not hurt anyone. She may need to look into bail bond services if they even let her out on bail at all.


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