How to Achieve The Perfect White Smile

If you want the perfect smile, you are going to have to put in the work. There is no magic solution. If you go to the dental clinic, they will likely tell you a few things. First, you need to take care of your teeth by brushing them twice a day.

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This will help remove the plaque that can cause the yellowish color. Make sure to floss as well to remove food particles that get stuck in between your teeth. Using mouthwash before bed is also a great practice. Next, try cutting some tea, coffee, and juices from your diet. This is because these drinks often stain peoples teeth. If you want to maintain a white smile, cutting down on these drinks is a key.

Another thing that you can do to whiten your teeth is to get a custom tray for your teeth. These trays can be molded to fit your teeth. The peroxide in these trays will whiten your teeth over time. You just need to put the trays in at night before going to bed. It is recommended that you wear these trays for two nights and then give your teeth a night off.


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