What Happens During a FUE Hair Transplant

FUE stands for Follicular unit extraction. It is a hair transplant procedure designed to help those who suffer from baldness and wish to rectify the problem. This video is an excellent example of how hair can return to a formerly bald scalp. It can be pretty fascinating to watch the hair growth process from day one, and this patient invites others to judge the results of his hair transplant.
FUE has become popular in places like the hair clinic Los Angeles because it doesn’t leave a scar and has a more natural appearance.

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Specifically, FUE transplants work by removing hair from other body areas using a tiny circular punch or microneedle. These hairs are then transplanted onto the balding regions of the scalp.
While FUE is a cosmetic procedure, the benefits for overall health and wellbeing are very real, especially for those who often worry about hair loss. In this video, the patient received 4800 grafts of hair and documented the return of his hair over 365 days.

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