Everything About Optometrists

Optometrists are doctors that check the health of your eyes. When you first enter an appointment with your optometrist they will ask you about any eye or general health problems that you have been having recently. It’s also important for them to know if you wear contacts or glasses.

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Optometrists will also give you a vision test and then test your eyes further to see if there is any need for you to wear glasses. Further than just your eyes, during an eye check, the optometrist may also be able to see any signs of other diseases such as high blood pressure. If your vision ever ends up changing and you do need to start wearing glasses, your optometrist will be able to help you find the perfect fit.

To become an optometrist you must study for four years, where you will learn to accurately check for the health of the eyes. Once they finish the first four years if an optometrist wants further qualifications then they can study further to meet the requirements. Optometrists do not only work as doctors. Some optometrists work in research and spend their time researching new diseases and ways to fix them.


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