How Bond Agents Make Money

Since getting money for bail is not something everyone can afford at the required instance, bond agents can mitigate such an issue. Bail bond agents will come to your rescue especially once the court has ruled that your case goes to trial and the payable bond has been set. If you do not have the money to pay at that juncture, you can request the services of a bail bond agent.

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The bond agent will come in to post the bail, hence you will be required to walk out of jail but you have to attend all your court proceedings. But ow do bond agents make money? Before the bail is posted, the defendant must pay a premium fee. The fee can be 10% or 15% of the set bail. The fee goes to the bond agent and will not be recovered by the defendants.

Bond agents can request their clients to offer their property as collateral. But the collateral depends on the amount set as bail. Therefore, you have to reach an understanding on which will be the most suitable collateral. Bond agents can recover their money through the collateral if the defendant fails to comply with the bond terms. As a bond agent, use these avenues to make some income. However, you will need to go through the right training to find your footing as a bail bond agent.


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