Stainless Hose Clamp Uses

In this video, you will learn about stainless hose clamp uses. There are a lot of uses for hose clamps.

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There are many sizes and styles that are available. Attaching poly to a piece of pipe is one of these uses. The typical clamps that you see out on the market are big and stainless steel. They are easy to use. You screw them together. They stretch out very wide. You will have to screw them all the way down to the right pipe side. He does not like using these clamps on all pipes because they open up way too wide. It is tight, but not tight enough. The rod inside strips out and does not hold anything right anymore. It is loose and you can’t tighten it down to make sure the barb is too tight. His preferred clamp is smaller and why he uses it. Ideal to make a stainless steel clamp. You can find it yourself. It is model number 6920 if you want to check it out yourself. If you are interested in learning more, keep watching for more information.

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