Why You Should Move to Rochester

Moving to rochester

Many people are looking for a new place to move to. While most people think about moving to places like Florida and California, few think about moving to Rochester NY. However, Rochester NY offers many wonderful comforts that you cannot find in other places.

Located in upstate New York on the southern shore of Lake Ontario, Rochester NY has a metropolitan population of over a million. This makes it the third largest city in the New York state, and the second largest, after Buffalo, in upstate New York. However, make no mistake, Rochester is a first rate city.

So why should you move to Rochester NY? First off, Rochester boasts many events. The two most popular are the Lilac Festival and the Jazz Festival. The Lilac Festival was established in 1898 to celebrate city’s large collection of lilacs. Held every May at Highland Park, the Lilac Festival has become a Rochester tradition and is now regularly attended by over half a million people from all over the area every year. Only in its 11th year, the Jazz Festival is a relative new festival. Nonetheless, the festival has quickly become a Rochester staple and is regularly attended by almost 200,000 people. The Jazz Festival includes over 300 concerts, including several free shows, over several days during the summer in Rochester’s East End.

Still not convinced that you should move to Rochester? Perhaps the city’s the large restaurant and nightlife scene will change your mind. If you are not into food and partying, then perhaps the acres and acres of beautiful parks in the Rochester area, some even designed by famed American landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, will convince you. For more information on Rochester, including tips to help your Rochester move, search online.

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