Daycare Can Be Beneficial to Your Child


There are many parents who are seeking the services of a daycare. Daycare or child care can be an important part of early childhood education for children. Take a look at some interesting facts about daycare and how it can influence your child.

During World War II, the Federal Government sponsored day care for approximately 40,000 preschool children. Finding a good daycare is important to the development of your child because a good facility can help with personal, social, economical, and emotional development.

The average two year old adds around five new words to his or her vocabulary every day, so having a daycare that presents activities to help this vocabulary growth is important.

Toddlers ears are better at picking up high frequency sounds than adults. This explains why loud noises may be alarming to them. A daycare facility that does not have a raucous loud environment is optimal for your child. In addition, 75 percent of children under the age of five experience some kind of sleep related problem, so you should find a facility that does not add experiences that can add to these sleep problems.

The following daycare tips for parents can help you find the best child care facility for your child. You should check the licensing of any facility you are considering. State licensing will ensure that the daycare meets certain educational and sanitary requirements. You should make sure that the staff of the daycare has educational backgrounds that will assist your child with developmental activities.

Make sure that you visit any facility you are considering. If it is possible, you should make an unannounced visit so that you can get a true feel of the day to day operations of facility. Look around to see if it is clean and organized. You should also make sure that there are several different age groups who are engaged in age appropriate activities. This will ensure that your child gets the necessary attention.

Check out the guidelines and rules of the daycare that pertain to who can pick up your child. Make sure that the facility has good security, as you do not want your child slipping out unnoticed, nor do you want strangers being able to enter the building.
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