Why Your Business Needs MDM Software

Network management software

The increasing popularity of mobile devices is causing demands for mobile security solutions, which some 65 million Americans owning a smart phone. Smart phones and tablets are convenient and they increase connectivity. However, as long as internet connectivity increases, cyber threats will also increase, creating havoc on personal and business devices and networks. IT departments are in charge of making sure a network and all machines on a network are secure. One example of the proper tools and security solutions needed to protect company networks is mobile device management. In fact, increasing iPhone security begins at the iPhone management level. The good news is there are plenty of developers producing security solutions to help companies avoid cyber threats created every day.

The Configurator, a free Apple tool, provides people the ability to manage up to 30 iOS smart phones and tablets all at once. Free tools provide plenty of options for enhanced security, but sophisticated mobile device management systems are not free. Regardless, you can combine both free and paid tools to enhance your security. By avoiding cyber threats that could cause network downtime, your business will become more productive. There is no need to spend a few hours a day trying to fix network issues caused by malicious activities.

One of the main advantages of patch management software is the ability to perform updates and security patches on hundreds of mobile devices at once. In fact, an IT manager can control what users can access on their network from a remote location. There is no need to have mobile devices turned in for maintenance and updates. Mobile device management software gives the IT department the option to automatically perform updates, as well as manually. Mobile device management is especially important for businesses that operate on a BYOD policy, which is around 74 percent of companies, according to an Enterasys survey. Mobile device management is important of iPad as well, with one in five consumers saying they use their tablet for business purposes.

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