The First Step To Take When You Find Out You Owe Back Taxes To IRS

Owe irs taxes

Did you know that if you owe back taxes to IRS agencies the federal agency can levy your assets or a portion of them via a third party or brokerage house, which is referred to as a seizure? If you do owe back taxes to IRS and you are petrified about what the agency will do once the tax deadline passes, get help now. The IRS will tell of any impending levy and will give you a chance to speak, and having professional assistance in this manner will ideally result in less of a tax burden for you.

If you owe IRS back taxes or owe irs money in any way, get help. Owing back taxes could result in jail time or a significant fine, but calling on professionals when you owe IRS big bucks in back taxes can get you around it. If you owe back taxes to IRS that are significant, get these issues resolved now before the tax deadline.

More specifically, getting professional help if a levy is impending will protect you, since your employer could be found guilty for firing you to avoid garnishing wages. Fees could go up to $1,000, and a year in prison hangs in the balance for employers too. Since the Revenue Act of 1861 was created, which paved the way for all other federal income taxes, and since 1776 when taxes were owed to the American Colonies rather than the British government, people have had to pay up, and so do you.
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