Phlebotomy Training NYC

Hha training in nyc

In NYC the average yearly salary of someone who is a phlebotomist is about 37 percent . These are the people that draw blood when you go in for medical lab work. A phlebotomist can also find employment in a hospital and sometimes they travel to draw blood for patients who are being cared for in the home. The health industry is a growing industry. In fact, they expect the employment rate for health aids to grow by 69 percent by the year 2020. There is a huge need for people to take phlebotomy training NYC. Working in the medical industry is very rewarding and you can take pride in your phlebotomy training NYC as you will be able to do something that the average citizen cannot do. People can derive a lot of self confidence when after they have taken phlebotomy training NYC.

The need for certified nurses assistants will grow to 1.7 millioin by 2018. That is the statistic released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the whole United States. By the end of a ten year period in 2016, the job growth for nurses aids is expect to be 28 percent . That is a huge need for more nurses to be added to the already existing 2.5 million nurses we already have in the United States today. All of these nurses have usually taken phlebotomy training. However, you don’t have to be a nurse to need phlebotomy training NYC. You can be take on a job as a phlebotomist.

You can use phlebotomy training nyC if you are also going to take home health aid training. CNA training NYC is also available. There are several places you can go to get home health aide training new york. Phlebotomy training NYC has to do with learning how to draw blood from patients correctly. People who complete phlebotomy training NYC are going to be eligible to receive their phlebotomy certification NY. Once you have completed phlebotomy training NYC and have obtained your certificate you can look forward to a rewarding career in the health care industry. Medical billing and coding training in NYC is also another interesting field to get into of you are interested in working in working in a medical office.

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