Choosing Hildebrandt, a Leader in PA Childcare

Employer sponsored childcare

When it comes to PA childcare providers, the corporate daycare behemoth known as Hildebrandt Learning Centers is indeed a hard option to beat. Corporate childcare was largely pioneered in the mid Atlantic region by Hildebrandt, which has offered stellar early education curricula and a safe, fun place for kids to be while their parents are working. Employer sponsored childcare is one of the best ways to attract the talents of working parents in general, this PA childcare provider has made it a point to make the kids as happy as their parents with this arrangement. The tradition of Hildebrandt has been consistent innovation when it comes to childcare in the workplace, and they continue to uphold this tradition more than twenty years after their founding.

Indeed, Hildebrandt is one of the only PA childcare centers out there that also offers senior day care at some of its facilities as well. Keeping the seniors and the tykes together offers a great and enriching experience for members of both generations, making this PA daycare provider a uniquely integrated one. If the employer sponsored childcare or senior care model sounds like a good one, feel free to request more information!

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