What Kind of SEO Reseller Program Do You Prefer?

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Two main types of SEO reseller programs exist today. One involves complete autonomy and allows resellers to be out there on their own, gaining new business. The other is more of a collaboration between the SEO firm and resellers.

The primary and most common type of SEO reseller program involves allowing resellers to just go at reselling themselves. This form relies mostly on the experience levels of the resellers themselves rather than firm guidance from the SEO firm. However, some communication between the two parties does exist.

The other type of Seo reseller program involves more hand holding from the SEO firm to the reseller. This happens mostly when resellers are unfamiliar with how to resell such services. So at least in the very beginning, SEO firms work closely with their resellers to make certain that they are reselling in the most effective ways possible.

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