With ActiveSync, Android Devices Get Better Network Support

Activesync security policies

With great advances in ActiveSync, Android users are finding that it is much easier to connect to the office. There are plenty of different options that are available when it comes to Android users and other mobile devices accessing the office email server, but they are not as secure as solutions such as the ActiveSync Android users may want to use instead. There is not only a matter of security, but one of visibility to consider as well. Through ActiveSync Android based operations may be able to be easily managed and monitored to ensure that everything is going smoothly, and that access to the email server is limited according to users and policies.

The Activesync android users can access is about more than just email, however. There are different functions that can be performed through an ActiveSync Exchange connection, such as the wiping of a stolen device, remote data removal and deletion, and password changes or resets. These can all be performed by an IT administrator, which makes the ActiveSync Android option extremely useful for offices that have a lot of employees who are out in the field throughout the day. Instead of waiting to later find out that there may be an issue, using ActiveSync Android solutions could help an office to keep all of its data secure, without the need to worry about problems later down the line.

The heart of ActiveSync Android operations will lie in the Exchange Server itself, but it will also require that the software that you use be capably created and implemented, as well as regularly updated so that you will know that the latest security measures are patched and in place for all of the devices on your network. With ActiveSync Android solutions, your office may be able to get a time saving, money saving method to keep track of all of the mobile devices connected to the network, all while increasing communication and connectivity. Employees will be able to access all of their emails on the office servers, and your IT staff will not have to worry about security compromises. It will all be possible through the right ActiveSync Android solution for your office, so when you are picking the right one to use, make sure to review all of your options with your IT staff so that you can get the best one for the job.

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