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Need More Room For Activities? Try a Wall Bed

Written by admin on . Posted in Murphy bed designs, Wall bed kit, Wall bed kits

Murphy beds

When I found myself living in a studio apartment after college, I found myself needing a way to organize my space. My bed simply took too much room, which is how I wound up on the google search page looking for “murphybeds.”

You see, a murphy bed is one of those folding beds. You know, one of those wall beds that people supposedly get trapped in in all the movies?

Well, anyways, I found a pretty good deal amongst the “murphybeds” pages I googled, and I took it. I have never looked back since. Now, I have so much more room not only for activities, but just for life. My apartment feels less cramped, which means it is a less stressful environment. This means that I can get more art doen in my studio apartment, and earn more money .

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