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Archive for December 12, 2013

3 Methods for Businesses to Drastically Improve Their Web Presence

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Reseller seo

Incredibly, a whopping 93 percent of Internet users’ online experiences begin with a visit to a search engine. Additionally, online retailers and service providers claim that over 39% of all of customers come from search engines. As consumers continue to utilize the web for buying almost everything their heart desires, businesses are becoming more involved with web marketing strategies in order to target the large potential of online sales. There are a number of effective and reliable internet marketing services and strategies available to businesses that want to increase their online traffic, exposure and overall sales productivity; ho

Maintaining productivity with closed circuit cooling towers

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Cooling tower pumps

Keeping cool under the rigors of energy production or manufacturing can be a large problem than it originally seemed. Many businesses find that when productivity amps up, so to does climate temperature. Avoiding high temperatures allows businesses to achieve the highest levels of productivity possible. To ensure the quality and safety of operations, the best way to keep productivity cool is by using cooling towers.

What are cooling towers?

Cooling towers are open topped cylindrical structure. These structures are made of concrete and can be made in a large scale of sizes. Large cooling towers, like those iconic cylinders out back of nuclear power plants can be hundreds of feet tall and Cooling towers function by removing excess heat from the atmosphere. In the case of energy production, lost energy re