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Archive for December 10, 2013

Don’t Let Your Ash Tree Die From Infestation

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Emerald ash borer map

Trees are one of the most important landscaping features of a home, a park, a commercial building, and many other areas worldwide. Almost all landscape design pictures include at least one tree in their plan. These plants provide shade on a cool day, and also offer a home for many insects and animals. One particular tree, the ash tree, is found in both forests, and along the streets of cities around the world. Ash tree seeds, famous for their helicopter-like spin with they fall from the tree, provide food for birds and mammals. You have probably seen ash trees along the streets in your neighborhood or in landscape design pictures, but you might not know that these trees are in danger.

A beetle native to Asia and Eastern Russia, called the emerald ash borer has destroyed more than 15 million ash tress

Finding the Right Cosmetic Dental Clinic

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What is a mini dental implant

A century ago nearly half of all americans were toothless. Now, more than half of all adults who seek cosmetic dentistry solutions are middle aged and simply looking to improve on their Kodak moments. Not only that, but approximately 97% of americans believe that having a healthy smile is important to social interactions. With all of those factors combined, seeking a cosmetic dental clinic becomes a natural addition to holistic healthcare services.

Cosmetic dental clinics have access to more technology than ever before. This heightened technological ability is allowing great cosmetic dentists to provide more services to larger demographics out of their cosmetic dental clinics.

One of the latest solutions to tooth loss is the all on four method of placing dental implants. All on four dental