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Archive for November 18, 2013

How Safe is Your Family From Home Invasion?

Written by admin on . Posted in Adt alarms, Alarm monitoring service, Home alarm companies

Benefits of alarm systems

Did you know that ADT serves nearly 6.5 million customers in the united States and Canada? This means that ADT is the most recognized and respected name in home security in North America. If you own a home and have not yet invested in an ADT-monitored security alarm system, you aren’t doing enough to protect your family.

Crime statistics show that the average burglary in the United States leads to a monetary loss of more than $1,700 for homeowners. Among the most common targets of burglars are jewelry, electronics, silver, guns, cash, and almost any items that can be easily liquidated. Although many homeowners will keep their most valuable items in safes or under lock and key, that does little to protect valuables from the more experienced and savvy burglars.

While locksmiths continue to make bett